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SRT Calculator

TheIn 2000 TERNZ developed an algorithm for solving a set of analytical equations to determine the Static Roll Threshold (SRT) of a heavy vehicle.  A key feature of this algorithm is that a reasonably accurate estimate of SRT can be obtained using vehicle data that is easily measured.  The algorithm was implemented as a web-based software application which is freely available for public use.  Two versions of the programme exist on the internet – a New Zealand version which can be accessed here  and an Australian version which was developed for the Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources.  Another version that provides the user with greater flexibility in specifying input parameters can purchased from TERNZ.

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School Bus Cost Model

The Bus and Coach Association (NZ) commissioned TERNZ to develop a cost model to assist its members in pricing school bus operations. As with the log
transport cost model this is a spreadsheet-based model that operators can use to cost specific school bus tasks.
For further information contact the Bus and Coach Association (NZ).

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Delineation Cost Tool

The delineation cost management tool is designed to assist road controlling authorities and their consultants to prioritise delineation treatments such as
Audio tactile road markings that  have added safety benefits compared with standard road markings. The Excel based tool was commissioned by the New
Zealand Transport Agency and is freely available here. If you require assistance with using the tool, please please call Hamish Mackie 09 579 2328.

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Log Transport Cost Model

TERNZ has developed a spreadsheet-based model for costing log transport tasks.  This model considers all the costs of operating a log transport business
and determines sustainable rates for specific log transport tasks.  The model was commissioned by the Log Transport Safety Council on behalf of its
members and is provided to members free of charge.  For further information contact the Log Transport Safety Council.

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